Congratulations to the Literary CHOICE award winners!

By | December 22, 2021

A few weeks ago, CHOICE announced their 2021 Outstanding Academic titles. Two Bloomsbury titles were chosen for this prestigious selective list: Alice Jardine’s At the Risk of Thinking, and Jennifer Wallace’s Tragedy Since 9/11. Congratulations to both award winners!

At the Risk of Thinking cover

At the Risk of Thinking is the first biography of Julia Kristeva–one of the most celebrated intellectuals in the world. Alice Jardine brings Kristeva’s work to a broader readership by connecting Kristeva’s personal journey, from her childhood in Communist Bulgaria to her adult life as an international public intellectual based in Paris, with the history of her ideas. Informed by extensive interviews with Kristeva herself, this telling of a remarkable woman’s life story also draws out the complexities of Kristeva’s writing, emphasizing her call for an urgent revival of bold interdisciplinary thinking in order to understand–and to act in–today’s world.

Tragedy since 9/11 cover

From the trauma of September 11th, through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to the aftermath of the Arab Spring and the environmental warning signs of climate change, this book reflects on the crises and terrifying events of the early 21st century and argues that a knowledge of tragedy from the works of Sophocles to Shakespeare to Samuel Beckett can help us understand them. Jennifer Wallace offers a cultural analysis of the tragic events of the past two decades with reference to a litany of key dramatic texts, including Aeschylus’ Oresteia, Euripides’ HecubaIphigenia in AulisTrojan Women and Bacchae, Homer’s Iliad, Ibsen’s Emperor and Galilean and Enemy of the People, and Shakespeare’s Julius CaesarMacbeth and King Lear, among others.

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