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By | August 6, 2010

Editorial Contacts 

Amy Martin is Acquisitions Editor for Literary Studies, commissioning mainly in American, global, and comparative literatures. She is also interested in books on genre fiction studies, translation studies, gender studies, and the intersection of politics and literature. She is the editor for the series:

Literatures as World Literature
Comparative Jewish Literatures
Black Literary and Cultural Expressions
Cognition, Poetics, and the Arts

Contact Amy: amy.martin @ bloomsbury dot com

Ben Doyle is Publisher for Literary Studies, Medical/Health Humanities and Digital Cultures. He commissions monographs, edited collections, reference handbooks and textbooks, with a particular focus on areas including modernism, ecocriticism and the environmental humanities, 20th and 21st century British and Irish literature, contemporary poetry, digital cultures and the medical/health humanities. Ben’s series include:

Environmental Cultures
Historicizing Modernism
Bloomsbury Studies in Digital Cultures
Bloomsbury Studies in Critical Poetics
Critical Interventions in the Medical and Health Humanities

Contact Ben: ben.doyle @ bloomsbury dot com

Haaris Naqvi is Director of Scholarly and Student Publishing, Bloomsbury Academic US. His areas of commissioning include American literature, literary theory, cultural criticism, psychoanalytic studies, German studies, translation studies, literary biography. He is the editor of the following series:

Biofiction Studies
Literatures, Cultures, Translation
New Directions in German Studies
Psychoanalytic Horizons
Understanding Philosophy, Understanding Modernism
Object Lessons

Contact Haaris: haaris.naqvi @ bloomsbury dot com

Lucy Brown is Commissioning Editor for Literary Studies, focusing primarily on creative writing where she publishes critical and practical books for students, instructors, scholars and practitioners. She also commissions books in the area of genre fiction studies, children’s literature, comics and life writing. She is editor for the following series:

Research in Creative Writing
Bloomsbury Writer’s Guides and Anthologies
Approaches to Writing
Bloomsbury Perspectives in Children’s Literature
New Directions in Life Narrative
Bloomsbury Comics Studies
Perspectives on Fantasy
21st Century Genre Fiction

Contact Lucy: Lucy.Brown @ bloomsbury dot com

Laura Cope is Assistant Editor for Literary Studies. She is editor for the series Bloomsbury Studies in Global Women’s Writing and New Directions in Religion and Literature. She is also interested in commissioning books in the area of literature, human rights and law.

Contact Laura: laura.cope @ bloomsbury dot com

Aanchal Vij is the Editorial Assistant on the Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and the Drama and Performance lists. She completed her PhD in 2022 in American literature, graphic narratives, and disability studies. She is interested in medical humanities, comics studies, and race studies.

Contact Aanchal: aanchal.vij @ bloomsbury dot com

Hali Han is Editorial Assistant for Literary Studies, Bloomsbury Academic US. Prior to working at Bloomsbury, she was a research and executive assistant, working on projects including digital humanities methods, affordable housing policy, and architectural history. She is interested literary and narrative theory, literature in diaspora, and genre studies.

Contact Hali: Hali.Han @ bloomsbury dot com

Marketing / Publicity Contacts

For all marketing and publicity enquiries in North America please contact:

Paige Domantey, Senior Marketing Manager

Paige.Domantey @ bloomsbury dot com

For all marketing and publicity enquiries in the UK and Rest of World please contact:   

Nina Hayes-Thompson, Marketing Executive

Nina.Hayes-Thompson @ bloomsbury dot com

For all marketing and publicity enquiries in Australia and New Zealand please contact:

Indrani Kothiyal, Sales and Marketing Executive