Bloomsbury Holiday Wish Lists – Featuring David Hering

By | November 29, 2016

Is there any better gift to give or receive than books? We don’t think so! So we’ve asked some of our authors to share with us their Bloomsbury Holiday Wish Lists, to help inspire your gift-giving this season!

Today's Wish List is from David Hering, author of David Foster Wallace: Fiction and Form. He is Lecturer in English and Co-Director of the Centre for New and International Writing at the University of Liverpool, UK.

1. Global Wallace by Lucas Thompson

DH: Being a Wallace scholar, I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting work in this area. I'm really interested to see how Lucas Thompson situates Wallace's work in a global context. This is a fairly unexplored area of Wallace scholarship. I'm particularly looking forward to hearing about the influences of Julio Cortazar and Manuel Puig on his work.

2. Worrying: A Literary and Cultural History by Francis O'Gorman

DH: Worrying is an unwritten element of the academic job description, and the premise of Francis O'Gorman's book – a mixture of literary, cultural and personal histories of worrying – sounds really appealing to me. Maybe I should be worried that I'm so drawn to a book about worrying!

3. Hood (Object Lessons) by Alison Kinney

DH: I seriously need to catch up on the Object Lessons series, and Alison Kinney's book on the cultural history of the hood strikes me as having such rich potential. I teach on the history of American race relations, the war on terror and the anti-globalisation movement – this book combines all three!

4. Angelo Badalemanti's Soundtrack to Twin Peaks (33 1/3) by Clare Nina Norelli

DH: I'm a complete Twin Peaks and 33 1/3 nut, so the impending publication of this book is heaven to me. I should try and get it read ahead of the new series next year. I still hold a desire to write a 33 1/3 book on one particular album – I couldn't possibly reveal which, though…


Explore these books and more on All available titles, including David Hering's David Foster Wallace: Fiction and Form, are on sale for the holidays through December 11.


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