Late Walter Benjamin and On Modern Poetry – “Highly Recommended”

By | March 26, 2013

We were delighted to see a bumper crop of Bloomsbury titles reviewed in the latest issue of Choice, the review journal of the Association for College & Research Libraries. We were particularly delighted to receive the coveted "highly recommended" rating for not one but two of our books.

Late Walter BenjaminDescribing the book as "at once inventive and conceptually rich", Michael Uebel of the University of Texas writes of John Schad's The Late Walter Benjamin: "This is a witty, smart novel that combines literary criticism with philosophy and local history… [It] will delight and challenge readers and admirers of Benjamin and it will intrigue anyone interested in intellectual and social history."

Modern PoetryIn a similarly glowing review of another of our recent books, On Modern Poetry by Robert Rowland Smith, R.T. Prus of Southeastern Oklahoma State University writes: "[Smith] presents a lucid, delightful approach to reading modern poetry… He brings an intense clarity to the issues, supporting his discussion with close readings of poems by Keats, Tennyson, Arnold, Hardy, Tennyson, Symons, Larkin and Prynne."

Obviously we all thought these we were great books already, but it's always nice when other people think so too. Do check out the links above if you want to find out more about either of these books.

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