Redcrosse: book launch on 17th November, Coventry Cathedral

By | November 6, 2012

We're delighted to announce that we will be launching our fantastic new book Redcrosse on Saturday 17th November, after the accompanying performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company, at Coventry Cathedral. All those who are attending the performance are invited – so do pop along for a drink and to hear from the editor of the book, Ewan Fernie. For further details on the launch please click on the invitation below.

For those of you who haven't heard about the RSC production of Redcrosse, on the evening of Saturday the 17th of November the RSC will be performing Redcrosse
at Coventry Cathedral – the new poetic liturgy for England and St
George which Ewan Fernie (Shakespeare Institute) wrote with the major
poets Jo Shapcott, Michael Symmons Roberts and Andrew Motion, and the
theologian Andrew Shanks, as part of a multi-grant-winning Religion and
Society project.

Inspired by Edmund Spenser's neglected epic The Faerie Queene, Redcrosse got considerable national press last year, in The Guardian, on radio and television, and even in The Daily Star,
when it was performed in Windsor Castle and Manchester Cathedral. Its
RSC production in the modernist masterpiece of Coventry Cathedral,
featuring the original music of Grammy-winning Tim Garland as performed
by Acoustic Triangle and the Royal Holloway Choir, will be its most
dramatic and exciting instantiation to date. Don’t miss it. For
further details and tickets, please visit the website.

Redcrosse book launch invitation

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