A new name and face!

By | October 24, 2012

You'll have noticed that we've had a bit of an identity change!
Continuum Literary Studies is no more and we've now rebranded as Bloomsbury
Literary Studies. Although we are sad to say goodbye to Continuum, we are
delighted to say hello to our new Bloomsbury name!

For the last year or so
since Continuum were acquired by Bloomsbury (you can read
our blog announcement here)
we've slowly but surely been making changes
to our business to allow us to fully integrate into Bloomsbury. This has meant
moving distributor (think massive warehouses and approx
onehundredmillionthousand pallets of books), a staff move to the Bloomsbury
offices for the UK team (now this we really didn't mind – see the chandeliers and period
features below…)

Blooms office

… and something that I am NOT going to bore you with –
data migration and system changes (stay with me).

We’ve also been gearing up
for our brand new website launch – which we are very excited about. As of
mid-November, all of our Continuum books will be housed in the new Academic
section of the Bloomsbury website. That will mean no more
www.continuumbooks.com BUT we will have a super swish, very user friendly, fully
functional website to show off all of our new books and news.

We may have a new name but we are still working with the same brilliant editorial
teams, authors and marketing and publicity staff. Being part of Bloomsbury
means that we now have lots more exciting opportunities ahead to expand our
publishing and try new things. We are now working alongside new friends – Arden
Shakespeare and Methuen Drama (plus Berg and AVA) – as well as the digital teams
responsible for lots of Bloomsbury's most exciting digital ventures, including
Drama Online, Churchill Archive and Berg Fashion Library.

has changed over the past 12 months, but we remain as committed to our authors
and to publishing the same high quality textbooks, general reads, course books, primary texts,
research monographs, reference works,
journals and online resources. If you want to find out more about the move and rebrand then read our blog post announcing our new catalogue.

It is an exciting time for us and so we would love to hear your thoughts – do get in touch!

Bloomsbury Literary Studies 🙂

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  1. Jenny Tighe

    Hi James! That would be David – david.avitalATbloomsbury.com . Alternatively do email me if you have any difficulty on jennifer.tigheATbloomsbury.com


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