The Late Walter Benjamin: read the first two chapters here!

By | May 2, 2012

As mentioned previously, we're really excited to be publishing The Late Walter Benjamin this week! On Monday John Schad (the author) gave us an insight into his experience of writing about Walter Benjamin, and today I'm delighted to bring you the first couple of chapters of the book to read, for free, exclusively on our blog!

Below is a taster from the beginning of the book – to read the entire chapter click on the preview button above… Enjoy!

I could not have seen him coming, that clumsy man in the laughing shoes, he who merely stood there. Breathing and breathing. He was short and his jacket was like another’s, one bigger than him, and his trousers were all terrible tight at the waist; but, after that, below that, they were like the trousers of Goliath. He carried a case, beaten up it was, and in his other hand he had until now, just now, gripped a paper shopping bag, brown and old as forever.

At last, on his forehead, sweat glistered like a well-made curse. As for his hair, a wild game, it was as ash. At first, I thought the clumsy man was one of the mad, the-mad-with-anger, as if someone, say, a boy, such as I, had thrown a ball into his garden. But then, I reasoned that here, before me, stood a man who had, quite simply, seen enough and was weary, what with his crumbling face pulled right down to those laughing shoes, by spectacles all heavy and round, and a moustache, black as a piano…

You can find out more about The Late Walter Benjamin here. We will also be giving away a free copy on our twitter on Friday so make sure that you follow us to be in with a chance! 

Jenny Tighe

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