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By | February 2, 2012

Google 'Shakespeare' and 'blog' and you are sure to be inundated with as much useless information as you are helpful. So take yourself first to The Shakespeare blog  and you will find a wealth of interesting articles about Shakespeare's plays and poems, and a really well thought out range of links to other brilliant online resources.

We were happy to see that the blog has reviewed one of our Continuum Shakespeare Dictionaries – Shakespeare's Medical Language describing it as a 'a successful addition to the literature on the subject, both a fascinating read and a valuable reference work'.

'Part glossary, part encyclopaedia, the book’s written in an easy to follow style, cross-referencing words with their own entries printed in bold, encouraging the reader to flip around the book. Most entries are in three parts: a medical description of the subject, Shakespeare’s references to it, and contemporary sources.

 It’s easy to get distracted by some of the fascinating snippets of information. Did you know, for instance, the “galled goose of Winchester” at the end of Troilus and Cressida, is a reference to prostitutes in Southwark?'

To read the full review click here

To see a full list of titles in our Continuum Shakespeare Dictionaries click here – nearly everything you could ever need to know about Shakespeare is covered from his insults, to his language of food and the role of women.

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