Johnny Depp reads letters from Hunter S Thompson

By | January 19, 2012

We will be going a little Hunter S Thompson crazy on our blog and twitter as of the 1st of Feb, to celebrate the publication of our new book Gonzo Republic: Hunter S Thompson's America. Written by William Stephenson, it takes you on a  journey across the surreal landscape of Thompson’s literary America – examining his fierce literary output, social activism and cultural understanding.

From the 1st of Feb until the anniversary of Thompson's death on the 20th of Feb, we'll be tweeting some wild and exciting quotes from the book, running a competition to win 3 copies, posting up an author guest post on the blog, plus a selected chapter to read online for free.

To give you a little Thompson taster, below is Johnny Depp (another of my favourite artists!) reading aloud from some letters he received from Hunter. If you are familiar with Hunter S Thompson, you can probably guess that these aren't work/child friendly (which, lets face it, is a good thing).



(ps: one little Thompson/Depp fact – they were such firm friends that Johnny Depp paid for Thompson's funeral which included firing his ashes out of a cannon from a 150ft tower topped by a red fist with two thumbs – a symbol of Thompson's gonzo journalism. 'He loved explosions' Thompson's widow said) 


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