Bloomsbury launches new imprint – Bloomsbury Circus!

By | January 27, 2012

We are delighted to announce that today Bloomsbury have launched a new imprint – Bloomsbury Circus – committed to publishing fiction and very select non-fiction, with a focus on fine writing.

From Alexandra Pringle, Editor-in-Chief:

'The books in Bloomsbury Circus will be mostly fiction, unashamedly literary, always fresh and sometimes surprising. In its first year, we will publish nine titles and from there the list will grow to up to four each month. 

In this digital age we are determined to make our books look more desirable and collectable than ever.  Bloomsbury Circus books will be published as unusually-sized trade paperbacks with photographic covers, wide flaps and colour printing inside the cover.  They will have all the beauty of a hardback with the ease-of-read – and price – of a trade paperback.  And there is a lovely new logo – our goddess Diana dangling on a half-moon trapeze.'

Sunday’s Observer which will have a column by Robert McCrum about Bloomsbury Circus and on Sunday 29th January at 4pm, Open Book on BBC Radio 4 will be talking about Bloomsbury Circus.

To find out more do follow Bloomsbury Circus on twitter and read the Bookseller announcement.

Jenny Tighe

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