The Dramatic Works of Samuel Beckett

By | November 11, 2011

We are very proud of our Beckett publishing at Continuum, and I am excited to say that we have just published The Dramatic Works of Samuel Beckett: A Selective Bibliography of Publications About his Plays and their Conceptual Foundations. Massive in size and scope, this book takes all of the scholarship devoted to Beckett and categorises it into an easy to use bibliography, enabling scholars and students to easily access what they need, as efficiently as they possibly can! Full coverage extends from the influences and origins of his great variety of plays to their presentations on stage, television, film, and radio, in many countries and venues. Priced at £200.00, this is not one that you will fit into your Christmas cracker (!) but do make sure that you recommend it to your librarian. To see a preview of the book click on the 'preview' button above.

At far more affordable prices, I am delighted to say that we have just published a number of our best-selling Beckett monographs in paperback.

Beckett and Phenomenology, edited by Ulrika Maude and Matthew Feldman

‘To date no study has looked as comprehensively as does Beckett and Phenomenology… Beckett's greatness, however diverse its manifestations, is revealed in a very new light. Beckett and Phenomenology is truly a phenomenology of Beckett's world!’ Professor Lois Oppenheim, Past President of The Samuel Beckett Society.

Since Beckett: Contemporary Writing in the Wake of Modernism, by Peter Boxall

‘In Since Beckett, Peter Boxall has written a subtle, shimmering study of the ways in which Beckett’s example continues to glow and flare renewedly to life in the work of the most significant writers of fiction since the War… Written with warmth, wit and grace, Peter Boxall’s book marks a definitive new direction for Beckett studies, allowing his work to move in a larger geopolitical landscape than has previously seemed imaginable.’ Professor Steven Connor, School of English and Humanities, Birkbeck College, UK.

Beckett and Decay, by Katherine White

Beckett and Decay offers a cogent and reader-friendly overview of the physical, mental, spiritual, and linguistic aspects of decay throughout Beckett's oeuvre. The clarity of White's treatment of this fundamental subject make her book a welcome addition to the Beckett library.’ Thomas Cousineau, Professor of English, Washington College, USA

Beckett and Death, edited by Steven Barfield, Matthew Feldman and Philip Tew

‘The sheer breadth of material and approaches identifies this collection as a useful resource for Beckettians of all critical persuasions.’ Irish Studies Review

Beckett and Ethics, edited by Russell Smith

‘This provocative collection of essays seeks to map out an emerging debate in Beckett criticism. It is a landmark contribution to an exciting field, not only in Beckett Studies, but in literary and theatre studies and critical theory more broadly.’ The European Legacy

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