Beckett and Decay by Kathryn White

By | April 8, 2011

Beckett and Decay has been reviewed in the Journal of Beckett Studies and I am pleased to say that the reviewer loved the book as much as we do. As Kathryn White mentions in her Introduction to the book, ‘decay is often used by critics in general reference to Beckett’s thematic emphasis and philosophical outlook'. However, this book is the first full-length study of Decay as a critical motif in Beckett's work. Here is what The Journal of Beckett Studies had to say about it:

'I welcome a book, such as this, in which readings of Beckett’s texts unashamedly take centre stage without an apparently necessary prologue of critical theory. I also welcome the book’s focus on less well-covered texts.'

If you want to preview this book then click on the widget above or click on this link to the book on our website.

The Journal of Beckett Studies will be reviewing more of our Beckett books in their September issue. In the meantime if you want read more about Beckett then have a look at some of the other monographs that we publish on this intriguing writer (all the links contain online previews): Since Beckett, Beckett and Death, Beckett and Phenomenology, Beckett's Books and Beckett and Ethics. 


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