Ian McEwan Wins Jerusalem Prize

By | February 21, 2011

Literature in the news alert! Ian McEwan has been making headlines recently for winning the Jerusalem prize. The Guardian has posted this piece on his acceptance speech. Regardless of viewpoint in this complicated conflict, it is an interesting reminder of literature's significance in the political sphere. From the article:

'He devoted much of his speech to the nature of the novel which, he said, "has become our best and most sensitive means of exploring the freedom of the individual, and such explorations often depict what happens when that freedom is denied'.

If you are interested in reading about McEwan's work, we have a few excellent titles that you can check out:

Firstly, from our Continuum Contemporaries series we have an accessible introductory student guide to Atonement. Ian McEwan's Atonement by Julie Ellam features an analysis of the novel, a summary of it's critical reception and discussion of the recent film adaptation. To read a preview of this book click on the widget to the left. We also have a similar guide to Enduring Love in the same series.

IanMcEwan For those looking for something aimed at a higher level, we have a book on Ian McEwan in our Contemporary Critical Perspectives series. This book is a collection of critical essays from a wide range of leading McEwan academics covering a wide range of his book including On Chesil Beach, Enduring Love and Saturday. It also includes a preface written by controversial author on genetics and human behaviour Matt Ridley about McEwan’s obsession with science and a rare discussion with Ian McEwan. To find out more about this book click here.  

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