Graham Greene Revival

By | December 15, 2010

Robert McCrum named Graham Greene's 'Travels with my Aunt' as one of his top ten comic novels in The Guardian this week. This follows on from what seems to be a general revival of interest into Graham Greene and his writing – made particularly noticeable by the fantastic review coverage that we have recieved for our book Graham Greene: Fictions, Faith and Authorship by Michael Brennan. The Times Literary Supplement have described this book as 'showing the entent to which – not just in "four or five books" but all through his career – Greene was provoked into creativity by "Catholic ideas"'. This question over Greene's Catholicism and the role that his faith played in the thematic content of his work is a central consideration in Michael Brennan's book. Described as a 'first-rate study' by The Tablet, and 'short, lucid and convincing' by The Financial Times, this book offers new and original perspectives on the major issues of faith and doubt in Greene's work. Other praise for the book includes:

 'Brennan's scholarly study manages to ensure that people of all faiths, and none, will be able to read Greene through new eyes and better understand his paradoxical relationship with Catholicism' The Irish Times

'Tracing Greene's development in careful detail, Brennan's analysis reveals the ways in which religious and literary preoccupations play off against and mutually inform one another: an important reassessment of a fascinating writer' The Scotsman

'A brilliant contribution to our understanding of a complicated man and author' Methodist Recorder

'Brennan… demonstrates what made Greene such an important figure' The Catholic Herald

But don't just take our (or their) word for it! Do take a look at the online preview for this book by clicking on the preview button above.

Our love for Graham Greene won't be diminishing in 2011 – we are very excited to be publishing The Dangerous Edges of Graham Greene  in August in the UK, and October in the US. With a foreword by David Lodge and an afterword by Monica Ali, this book examines Greene's life and art – keep your eyes peeled on our blog for more details!

Jenny Tighe, Marketing Executive (UK)

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