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By | September 22, 2021

Ready to hit the books?

Whether you’re heading back to the classroom or studying online, we’re here to help with a discount on our Bloomsbury Academic books. Grab 25% off print and eBooks when you use one of the below codes on bloomsbury.com:

BTU21UK – For customers in Europe*, Middle East, Africa and Asia 

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Sale ends Sunday, Oct. 3rd. Learn more about our terms and conditions here.

Need recommendations? Here’s some top picks in literary studies

This book presents a literary and cultural exploration of our inner selves – and how we have created and written about them.

It finds that although our secret, inner, sense of self – what we feel makes us distinctively ‘us’ – seems a natural and permanent part of being human, it is in fact surprisingly new. Whilst confessional religious writings, from Augustine to Jane Austen, or even diaries of 20th-century Holocaust victims, have explored inwards as part of a path to self-discovery, our inner space has expanded beyond any possible personal experience.


If ever there were a spacecraft that could be detached from its context, sold as toys, turned into Disney rides, parodied, and flit around in everyone’s head-the Millennium Falcon would be it. Springing from this infamous Star Wars vehicle, Spacecraft takes readers on an intergalactic journey through science fiction and speculative philosophy, revealing real-world political and ecological lessons along the way. In this book Timothy Morton shows how spacecraft are never mere flights of fancy.


This book offers expert instruction on writing creative nonfiction in any form — including memoir, lyric essay, travel writing, and more — while taking an expansive approach to fit a rapidly evolving literary art form. From a history of creative nonfiction, related ethical concerns, and new approaches to revision and publishing, it provides innovative strategies and ideas beyond what’s traditionally covered. 


Offering guidance and inspiration to English literature instructors, this book faces the challenges of real-life teaching and the contemporary higher education classroom head on. Whether you’re teaching in a community college, a state school, a liberal arts college, or an Ivy League institution, this book offers valuable advice and insights which will help you to motivate, incentivize and inspire your students. 


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