Gonzo Republic: competition time!

By | February 6, 2012

Can you define the meaning of Gonzo in one tweet? 

According to Hunter S Thompson his Gonzo style of writing was 'like falling down an elevator shaft and landing in a pool full of mermaids’. But… how would you define Gonzo?

We're giving away copies of our new book on Hunter S Thompson in return for your witty, clever and surreal summations (or, just your own personal take) on his Gonzo style. All views, however wild, wacky or seemingly boring are welcome, so take your mind into the blasted literary landscape of Hunter S Thompson's writing and get creative! 

Tweet your answers to @ContinuumLit or, if you're not on twitter, email your answer to Jennifer.Tighe@bloomsbury.com.

In the spirit of Hunter S Thompson excess, don't limit yourself to one tweet – we want to hear all you have to say on the matter!

Obviously at Continuum Literary Studies, this isn’t what we get up to on the weekends (nor do we condone their choice of evening entertainment) but just in case you need some Gonzo inspiration, this photo of Hunter S Thompson, Johnny Depp and John Cusack might do the trick:


Alternatively, you can check out the introduction to the book – exclusively available to read here, for free (a whopping great 41 pages on Hunter S Thompson!).

The competition ends on the 14th February – we will be sending out copies that same day and posting your definitions up on the blog!

Jenny Tighe

Marketing Executive


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