‘Best Dickens Biographies’ in the Independent

By | December 5, 2011

We are delighted that Dickens's Women has been named as one of the 'Best Dickens Biographies' by Boyd Tonkin in the Independent! It is part of a wider article on Charles Dickens, discussing his canny commercial approach to marketing himself in the 19th century and how, like Shakespeare, the Dickens brand has thrived to this day - on an international scale across many generations.

Even as 'an author who did little to hide the sharp commercial voracity that ran alongside his abundant literary talent' I still findit astounding that he earned (the equivalent of) £30,000 per night on his dynamic one-men show tour! That is pretty impressive even by celebrity standards these days.

It is a fascinating article and well worth reading so do click on the link above.

With the bicentenary fast approaching next year, we are set for a Dickens frenzy of exhibitions, plays, debates, films and, of course, books! Dickens's Women by Anne Isba looks at the emotional life of Charles Dickens, examining his relationships with some of the women to whom he was closest – including the mother who failed to recognise his early promise; the young woman who spurned him before he was famous; the wife he cast aside in middle age; the benefactress for whom he managed a house for 'fallen women'; and the actress, less than half his age, with whom he spent his final years. You can read a digital preview of this book by clicking on the 'preview' button above.

Do let us know your take on Dickens, or link us to any exciting events taking place in 2012 that you know about or are involved in organising. It would be good to blog about these as I for one am really looking forward to immersing myself in all things Dickens! The BFI's Dickens on Screen season looks really interesting (and only a stone's throw from our London Waterloo offices too!).

Jenny Tighe

Marketing Executive

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