New Series on Contemporary North American Fiction

By | January 24, 2011

Just before Christmas, we were very pleased indeed to receive from the printers advanced copies of the first books in a very exciting new series we’re about to launch: Continuum Studies in Contemporary North American Fiction.

For many readers, the US and Canada are producing some of the most exciting works of literature being written today. The aim of our series is to critically explore these works in all their thrilling diversity. Each book in the series covers three novels published by a single writer since 1990 and brings together leading scholars of contemporary fiction to offer detailed and comprehensive analyses of these works.

The first two books, covering the recent work of Margaret Atwood (focussing on The Robber Bride, The Blind Assassin and Oryx and Crake) and the controversial fiction of Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho, Glamorama and Lunar Park) are now available. We’re all absolutely delighted with the way these first two book have turned out, so I hope you’ll give them a look.

Future volumes will cover Don DeLillo, Philip Roth and Cormac McCarthy (as a big McCarthy fan I’m particularly looking forward to that one). Together, or individually, the books should become an indispensable resource for students and readers of contemporary fiction.

Happy reading!
Senior Editor,
Continuum Literary Studies

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